Monday, October 12, 2009

Little america is not so little!

Today was a LONG day!
I went to drive my friend Vesper to the airport. She found out that her mother has a serious illness and the Red Cross agreed that it was better for her considering her mother condition to be by her side! So this morning we left Heidelberg to go to the Airport in Frankfurt. It only took us 1h15mn. I was amazed of how close we were, I guess when I was there the last time, I really didn’t pay attention to the time that we were taking. Beside after 8h plane right, anywhere at all seemed to be the end of the earth!
Anyway! So after dropping of my anxious friends. I came back and Matt decided that it would be a perfect time to go to the Ramstein Air Force new Mall!! Today was a gloomy day. Lots of clouds, rain shower and wind. Typical fall weather!

So… at 12.30 we left for Raimstein. Matt was driving, which gave me the perfect excuse to sleep a little more (since I hadn’t had too much of my beauty sleep in the morning!) ;-)
We were planning to go to the Movie Theater in the Mall, of course we arrived late and since it was a long weekend, all the kids were off so we had a Sold out entry! So… Couldn’t make it to the Alien in the Attic movie! Darn it!!
Well, for once, it didn’t bother the kids too much. Considering that the Mall was HUGE. We had a lot to see. So we went around to admire this newly opened Mall! And What a mall it is!!
AMAZING! Tones of stores. Food court like in the States. The PX is as big as a Target store. It is just HUGE! I went to get my brow wax!! He he!! I had bushes that needed a fall clean up! ;-) So… I am good to go for a while! I wish they would offer my little spa treatment of tinted eyelashes like back in Iowa! But they are not! Oh well!!
Took tones of pictures as you can see!! But excuse the definition, it was with my phone!

Oh Rafael really like the Nutcracker and decided that it was a cool stuff to start collecting! ;-) (Not my idea for once!) We ended up only buying the Rock Band new version of the Beatles!! Morgane didn’t really dig it! It is only OLD songs! (OH yeah so OLD) ;-)
Needless to say that this Mall is probably the place where I will be doing most of my Xmas shopping for the kids! ;-)

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Sleepie joe said...

We have also been to the Spa at the new Mall, not at all impressed , too "factory like". Now we go to this great Spa we found between Ramstein and Vogelweh bases called
Total Beauty Spa they offer a much wider range of treatments in a Spa like premises warm & relaxing, check them out, they do eyebrow tinting and perm there. The new Mall is fantastic though, lots to see & do for the family.