Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A discovery

Yesterday I was just surfing the web with no … direction in my head. Well it actually started by me wanted to show one of my girlfriend Shaunna from “the tales of vesper” the cool stuff in Brittany (West France, not far from where my mother live). So I went in search of images that I could send her to make her “salivate” with envy and hope that I actually show up in Germany for her to come and visit the beautiful countryside that is “Bretagne”.
So I am surfing along and I came upon the pictures of Nathalie! And one of them in particular stroked me! OMG, you guys NEED to go to her site and check it out. She is AMAZING! I really like what she does to her pictures! So dear readers, guests and maybe just error in your search engine. No matter what GO and visit her Flickr account ! !! And if you can Support the girl she is just a good artist!!
So good luck to you Nathalie and hope that most of you will like what you see!!
OH and for the rest of the story that is I think just funny! Nathalie live in Auray (same city as my mother, about 2 blocks away from her actually) and she has a son (her youngest) named "Raffaele" (ok he is 18 and my Rafael is only 6 but still... talk about weird)
So I am Planning to go and visit her when I am in France, and maybe we can... exchange photo's tips... I am sure I will learn a lot if she is willing to share! ;-)
Voila that is the story!!


Vesper said...

how does she do those!? They are amazing!

Diane said...

It STROKED you huh? Wow, that's some goooooood photography!