Monday, May 11, 2009

8 Things

8 Things I look forward to:

#1. Moving to Heidelberg if we ever get there!!
#2. Visit my mother more often that is if we get to Heidelberg!
#3. Living under the same roof as my husband in the near future!
#4. Being able to visit lots of different countries in a few months, not YEARS!
#5. Showing my kids how rich in history Europe is!
#6. Being able to take a vacation with only my mother! (Oh yeah honey, it is coming)
#7. Being able to be present on the next family reunion that MY relative organize.
#8. Being able to get some of my “stuff” out of my mother’s house!

8 Things I did yesterday:

#1. Slept until 9:30 (ungodly time to sleep in on a Sunday morning I know)
#2. Got a special brunch at Mondo’s with my loving husband and (at the time) behaving kids
#3. Went to see a movie (kid movie), that I actually thought pretty good!
#4. Went to Super Target and bought 2 shirts on sale! I love TARGET
#5. Read a book or two (I didn’t have my “regular” book in the car with me, so I opened another one)
#6. Took a nap. So nice!!
#7. Watched a show with Damien.
#8. Told my daughter for the 100 million times to stop saying “SHUT UP!” to her brothers

8 Things I love:

#1. Taking Pictures

#2. Reading

#3. Blogging or Chatting with friend and family

#4. Scrapbook

#5. Playing on the computer (random stupid games)
#6. Crafting (Beading, Painting on wood, anything that trigger my creativity)
#7. Going out with my hubby or my girlfriends (not necessary with each other)
#8. Listen to my kids laughing when their father is doing silly things.

8 Things I wish I could do:
#1. Travel around the world with no thought about budget.
#2. Going on a “honeymoon” with my husband of almost 17 years (we never did)
#3. Draw, paint… (Like Monet or my Aunt Therese.)
#4. Play Guitar or any musical instruments for that matter.
#5. Speak Italian fluently (to do #6)
#6. Learn to cook Italian cuisine in Tuscany (or anywhere as long as it is in Italy)
#7. Make a Family Scrapbooking album with my mother

#8. Win the Lottery to order for me to do all the above! AH!!

8 Shows I watch:
#1. Supernatural

#2. Dct. House
#3. Bones

#4. Paranormal State

#5. Legend of the Seeker

#6. Ghost Hunters

#7. Fringe

#8. Seasonal show like: Amazing race, Survivors, American Idols (until the one I like, get out), You think you can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, stuff that you can zap to the next part when it is recorded!


Andrea said...

Fun read! I was wondering if you were still heading this way? Some of those favs will be hard to do. I miss Target :)

Diane said...