Sunday, December 14, 2008

Work, Health, Smile

Another issue that I have tried to deal with his that I didn’t know that by working in the “health” workforce your own health was going to weaken, I went to work on Wednesday with a HUGE headache, normally most of my headache goes as the day goes on and with my take of Ibuprofen pill… well not that one… It took me 4 days to actually recover from that headache. I discovered that the best thing for me is to try to get husband at home to make sure kids stay quiet and try to sleep as much as you can. That tends to help!!
I went back this morning… AH AH AH!! And I thought I could make it all day!! NOT!! I was ready to pass out at noon. My boss made me stay until 1pm since the “holiday” party was going on… I was like HELL I am going home.
I don’t think this job is a career move for me; I won’t be able to handle the “death toll” that this place has. Last month over 26 passed away. In the last few weeks. We had 5 hospitalized, 3 still at the hospital. Several of my friends have told me that the holiday season is always hard on elderly. I guess this is true, but I sure hope that when it is time for me to be WAY old, I will be in good enough of a health to be able to stay in my house until I die! I would hate to be in one of those place even if I believe the resident are treated with great respect, I just couldn’t handle the fact of being away from my love one. One can only imagine how hard it is on the resident to not be in a “familiar” environment! I don’t know if I could live like that!
I only started a small month away, and I am already ready to quit, and it isn’t because of the work load, not it is just because I can’t handle the fact that some of the resident don’t see their family, don’t receive letter, when they ask for something to their daughter or sons, they are not listened to because they are “dependent” adult! I hate it. I want to scream and call those people and tell them, that their mother or father took care of them when they were kids so now it is their turn to take care of them. But obviously I can’t do that, it won’t be “polite” so I take it home at night and pray that my kids will be nicer to me when I am in the same situation.
My mother always taught me to treat the people like I want to be treated, so I sure hope that my own kids will learn the same and do the same. I guess Life will tell me that when It come to the end!!
So for those of you who read that… if you have a parent, grandparents, grand uncle or aunt somewhere in a “dependent” care facility, take the time to send them a note, to visit them if you are close by, and just try to make them smile! What goes around come around! ;-)

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Diane said...

Hey Girl,
Glad to read your blog, and hope you are feeling better from your cold or flu.
working in the long term care is hard, I know, but you are probably thought of as an angel to the residents there, and i am sure your smile brightens their days.