Sunday, December 14, 2008

Silence, Wedding etc...

For those of you who I haven't talked to since "forever" or those of you who are wondering what the H... is going on with me, here is the reason of my "silence"
As most of you know I am working part time now!! Well I never thought that working part time could make me getting behind in everything that I do at home or outside home! Needless to say that my laundry pile is growing, my to do list is getting longer and my blog update isn't getting updated! AH!!! I really really admire single mother who work full time and then get home, I really don't know how they are doing it!
Any tip? And please don't tell me to get organized and plan in advance, cause I am not organized and I can only plan 1 day in advance. My head is as messy as my laundry room is! ;-) So anyway... this is the Main reason why my blog hasn't been updated, the other reason was holiday, you know Thanksgiving. we went to Omaha, and less than a week after we drove again in Omaha to celebrate the union in marriage of my brother in law: Alex (the youngest in the family) and his fiancée: Alli: my new sister in law. It was a great time, even though super busy. I don't know how people do that with their own wedding.
Here is a little show about some Dancing going on there:

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Here is also a link of where you can access some more pictures of the wedding. I will try to update as much as I can every day!! :
Called it what you want, because for me it was for sure a blessing, I was bless to have someone else deal with all the planning of my wedding. I came in the states in May was engaged in the end of June and was married in August, so even if I would have liked to help a little more with the planning, I wasn't able to, since my English at the time was a pathetic try of saying "sure" or "yes" or just try to get everyone to think that I understood! I didn't!!! I couldn’t pronounced my own "with this ring I be wed" sentence. I didn't understand what the heck the guy was making me repeat! He couldn’t have made me sign the soul of my first born that I wouldn’t have understood it! Pathetic eh?
So my future mother in law took it upon herself to deal with all the preparation of planning my wedding day! And even though people don’t always get along with their In law, I am thankful that she was there to do the job I couldn’t to! I had a beautiful wedding ceremony, celebration and party! I am still really impressed with how fast she planned the whole thing. A month and she did it beautifully. Anyway, I keep on talking about my own wedding because the last wedding reception was at the same place that our wedding was celebrated. So it was a sweet Memory!!
Here are some pictures that I took on that day or the day before during the “rehearsal” dinner!!

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