Thursday, December 25, 2008


So this morning, Christmas morning, I got up got cleaned up and spend my few minutes left at home before going to work (yes, I was schedule to work on Christmas day, and YES it did SUCK), anyway… I spend my few last minutes watching my kids opening their gift with OHs and Ahs! What a joy to see those Hooray& "I love it" moments.
And of course Rafael who asked for a “real” camera (and got it) toss the box at me because it wasn’t a REAL one!?? What, It is too?? No it isn’t! Well sure, get me some battery!! NO you ARE LYING!! You are!!! ;-( big tears going down the cheeks. So I showed him that it was a real one and everything was great afterthat! Pffff!!!
So, I am off to work, already kinda running late with no minutes to spare. Go to the garage, open the garage. Go grab the key of the “new” minivan!! No keys?? WTH?? Where are the keys?
-Don’t know answered Matt. I thought you had them in your purse!
-No I never put them in my purse I always hang them on the hook, cause this way it is easier to go!!
-I don’t know then. Let me check my pockets!
-Me!!! :-/ RAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
-No not in my pockets!!!
-Me: 2XRAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Me calling down the stairs to the basement where my kids are enjoying the installation of the new Guitar Hero game!!
-Where the heck did you put the keys of the van?
-Damien: What keys?
-Morgane: ?? Don’t know?? Why??
-Me: RRRRRAHHHHHHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Fine, I’ll go with the “old” van (who sometime decides not to start specially with the cold weather!
So I go!! I am PISSED… I am like!! What did I do with the keys? I swear I put them on the hook! Where did I put them? I empty my purse arriving at work just for good measure! Nope, no keys!
Lunch time: I drive home, and eat. The "old"van has now a light that say “check engine” in bright red color!! OH CRAP!!! I eat and OH goodie, I found the keys that I lost, and that I apparently had hidden under my daughter’s winter hat and gloves!! Oh yeah!! Bad me!! So I am like!! PISSED of PISSED OFF!!
Get out, get in the van (Cause I am running late AGAIN) and start driving! Well… guess what, I didn’t see the BIG HUGE pile of snow at the corner of my neighbor’s driveway… and I feel a BANG… Sliding and nothing… can’t go nowhere? WTH!!! Got out, checked and off course I did that: (see pictures)
It took us, Matt, John (our neighbor) and I over 45 mn to get the van out!!

Can I say triple RRRRAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Matt says it was my Karma trying to get me!!!!
So tonight I need to relax and just think positive thoughts!


Diane said...

Good grief! You guys have lots of snow hey? Hope you have a more relaxing day today. :)

Andrea said...

Merry Christmas! We went to the Strasbourg market today. Next year you will be here and can maybe enjoy it, too.

I did contract work in Skilled Nursing Units-it's hard too see and work with elderly patients, but bless those who do! :)