Saturday, May 22, 2010

USO Brugges

I traveled last May to Bruges with the USO. I had been chosen to be the guide because of my previous visit (about 25 years ago or more) Needless to say that I didn’t know nothing about Bruges, because the last time that I was there, I was a teenager who didn’t really care about the history of the town I was visiting.

So the only thing that I remembered was the Chocolate (YUMMY chocolate, Belgium chocolate, delicious chocolate…. Chocolate… chocolate!!!!) The Waffles (with NUTELLA) and the French Fries (that are actually traditionally from Belgium (so it should actually be called Belgium Fries.) ;-)

Anyway… We left late or early and arrive in Bruges around 9:30. We met our tour guide (the one that we signed up for to have a little 2 hours tour of the town) and I ended up following an older guy, who spoke English with a HUGE French/Flemish accent and who thought that the only way to tour this beautiful city was to follow him in a Marathon like speed! I was trying to not loose anyone, so I was behind everyone, and making sure that all my group were staying together and following the “Road Runner”

After about 50mn trying to get everybody to follow and arrive by the time that he was finished with his “speech” I got sick of it and for the first time in my entire career of USO Guide, I “lost” it! I asked him if we were running a marathon and told him that even though we only had 2 hours people would probably enjoy it more if we weren’t running in between buildings that had some history attached to it! He apologized and started running again. I turned to my group and mention that maybe we should just give him the speed we were wanted to follow and not give him the free run. So the front runner ended up slowing down and by the same occasion the tour guide as well. I will say that I was so mad that I took revenge on him and didn’t even tell the group to tip him. I thought that for what he gave us, he shouldn’t be encouraged by getting some nice tip from my group. So he wasn’t a very happy camper when we left him (Don’t mess with me dude!!)

Anyway, after a nice meal at a little restaurant that serve some “Moules Frites” (Mussels and Fries) Which is another thing that I remembered about Belgium, we went to cruise around and of course I took tones and tones of pictures (Is that a surprise)
At 3:30 we had a tour by boat which was so fun and even though it was also a little too fast, we enjoyed it a lot. (well I did at least)

Bruges is a small town full of history and beautiful building. I think it is another one of my favorite city/place in Europe. So far I will even put it on my top 5 list. Probably on the 3rd or 4th place. I think I will keep a list one day about why I love those town so much. But for right now… more pictures, just to make sure that you take some time to visit it. I send a few of my friends there and they all agree with me, it is worse the trip and is beautiful. So?? What are you waiting for??
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