Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sad so sad

I woke up this Sunday morning, like another day in my life. But I came upon 2 blogs that I follow that were talking about a fellow military spouse blogger who will never wake up again like I have been doing so far.
So little curious me went and read some of her entry. I found this video on her blog about her husband departure (with so many other) I cried watching it and thought I will share it with you all just so that you can see how awful it is to be at a “farewell” for our love one.

You can read her blog here, and maybe understand a little more about what military life is all about. You can read about the happy time but also the struggle that she had to deal with not having her husband with her for the birth of their daughter and so much more. A Little Pink in a World of Camo: I Will Always Be a Marine Wife

She had the worse news that any military spouse can receive, that knock on the door that you don’t want to answer. She was one of the sad few to have to answer it.

My thoughts are with her and her love one. In this difficult time, I hope that she will find peace and will continue smiling to their beautiful baby girl remembering the love that she had for her husband who lost his life doing the ultimate sacrifice for his country, for the peace and freedom that we all believe in.

Please take some time to go and read her blog. You might actually learn a little about what military family struggle in their everyday life! What you take for granted might be put into perspective.

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