Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everything and Nothing!

I feel bad! I do because I haven’t blog much lately, so to feel better, I will post some of the thing that we have been busy doing or that is connected to us one way or the other!! LOL! OH and not necessarily in chronological order!!

For Valentine day I ask for a haircut. LOL!! I know! I know! How romantic is that??
Well, I didn’t know what to ask other than of course this (Which I know I don’t NEED) so…

I got the haircut that I needed! LOL. Oh and my kids were so nice to me, to make my day, they got a haircut too! LOL!
Rafael is a cub scout, Matt volunteer to be a “assistant leader” so sometime when he cannot take Rafael to activities, I am STUCK enjoying a mother/son outing! Last week was a visit of the AFN Headquarter in Mannheim. The location of the building is on an old “Prison” camp! LOL! So, you could see those “Guard” tower and barb wire fences… No way to escape this place! Spooky! LOL! Here are a few pics!
The boy got a chance to be part of a AFN advertisement. They are checking out the "Finish" product! Can't wait to see online! LOL!

Matt called his family back in Omaha last week, and it is always good to know what is going on with them. All of our pretty nieces are growing up and we miss them and their parents! We haven’t even met our latest one; I guess this is what being away means! Not seeing your family as much as you wish. I think we just need to set up time with them to Skype and do videoconferencing! I think the girls will enjoy that a lot!
One of the things that Matt told me about what his dad told him (you know he will never tell me important things) is that they had a HUGE snow storm back in the beginning of January; something outrageous like 46” of snow fell. Well apparently it is so FREAKING cold that that snow hasn’t melted yet!! Can you even imagine that??? How sick is that?? I knew winter in the Midwest was pretty Crazy hard, but not seeing the grass for so long must be just awful!
Well for all of those people who are looking forward spring!! (I am one of them) here we are starting to see more sunshine, and even stuff that weren’t visible for so long… COLORS, buds, flowers…. I am NOT kidding you!! YES I saw my first Crocus here, under my living room window. Not 2 yard from the entrance of the building! WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! So happy!!!!

Last week was a busy week for me, I decided that I am sick and tired of being “sick and tired” all the time! LOL! So, I took upon myself to kick myself in my French “derriere” and try to be a little more active! So I did end up giving away 3 ½ full (HUGE) trash bags of clothes to a good cause. It is OUT, and I am so glad I can’t see them anymore! LOL! I am trying to help out the USO tour Director, and we are trying to get all of our tour’s information in a computerized format so that we can just send the file to our guide and they can take whatever they want from it! It will probably help the guides in a long run; I know I sure didn’t have any info on the way they were doing tours. So now hopefully in a short while, we will each have a little “Briefing” about the tour that we are suppose to give! LOL! And then of course more and more pictures to “touchup” and the kids and the regular boring thing that we all tend to avoid have to do!

Voila this is all I am thinking of right now!! So… See y’all later!

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Mom in High Heels said...

Your hair looks great. I saw you a few days ago at the commissary, but you were at the check out and I was just arriving.
We did the AFN thing last year when Indy was a Tiger. Good times. Your den is HUGE. We have 2 Tigers (we had 3 but one moved), but there are only 6 first grade boys at MTV Elem, so at one point they had 50% of them. Indy is a Wolf this year and there are 6 of them! Today was their Pinewood Derby. It was fun. Sort of.
Good luck with the USO tours!