Thursday, November 26, 2009

Potato Peeler!

Yes I know you are going to read the title and think: “What the Heck”!!

Well let me tell you a little story about myself. Most of you know that I was born and raised in France. I learn all my “Skills” in France (you know the kind of skills that you will need as an adult: Cooking, cleaning, Reading, counting etc…) So when I moved in the States in 1992 and married I was the Perfect “French” cook/Maid (you name it) well not that perfect, but that another story! ;0)
One day, I wanted to peel Potatoes, and Matt gave me the peeler that he had in his kitchen drawer.
Me with a surprised look on my face: “What is that?”
Matt with a “Are you that stupid” look on his face: “A potato Peeler, you asked me for one!”
Me with the “Oh no you didn’t!” look on my face: “That isn’t a Potato Peeler!!”
Matt with the “Oh that’s going to be interesting” look: “Yes it is, let me show you!”
And he proceeds to show me how to use this weird looking device, which I have NEVER seen in my life!
Let me explain: Matt had one of those Peelers with the blade that move. My mother had one with a fix blade, see pictures attached!

So, you might ask yourself, why I am talking about Potato peeler. Well, Matt and I had a argument over the Thanksgiving preparation of the meal, about the infamous Potato peeler and which kind is the BEST!
As French, I will need to go with the French one. Matt tends to think that his is better!
So, now, pictures, to show and let you decide which one you think deserve to stay in our drawer!

(Look at how round and perfect the French peeler made that potato look like!) HINT HINT!!! (Oh and look at the peels of Matt’s peeler, even the peels look NASTY!) HINT HINT!!! LOL!! ;0)

The part of the story that I almost didn’t tell is the Potatoes were for the “mashed potatoes” that everyone at Thanksgiving should have on their table so Matt’s answer to my question is: “Who care it is going to be mashed, so??”
For those fancy cook, look they even have cute little one in shapes of peoples!! I think I should change my old on to one of those and put it on my kitchen window area for me to show my point! LOL!!
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satakieli said...

that's funny! I'd never even used a potato peeler until after I was married, I had always peeled them with a knife. My mother in law had to show me how to use a potato peeler, after I asked for a knife to peel some potatoes for dinner at her house one day.

Diane said...

Your supposed to leave the peel on! Thats where all the nutrients are!!

Anne said...

You guys are not helping, you should tell who you think is right (and deep down you know it is me!) LOL!!

Mom in High Heels said...

You are definitely right! I hate the peelers with the movable blade. It's so weird. Of COURSE a French peeler is better. The French know how to cook (and a heck of a job they do) so they would have the best equipment.