Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So I was talking to my mother on MSN yesterday evening (France time) and she was telling me how cold it was over there. -8 Celsius (mind you). I was like?? Well yeah it is cold, and then she asked me how cold it was here! Oh something like that too I said!! ;-) Well yeah -10 or so… but in Fahrenheit. I forgot about the “conversion” so… Here is a little taste for those of you out there that are in sunny California or in the south of the Equator in Thailand/Singapore, you know who you are! ;-)

Freezing water under 2mn!

So for those of you who aren’t familiar to the “English” system! I found that little quote in another blog:
Of course you will need to understand English to get that!!
But I thought it was pretty Funny!! ;-)


Nelly said...

Thank god the worst is over, over here. We've had -18 "grad" at some point and sometimes even worse than that.

Oh and about the french women? It is said that they are the most beautiful women and best lovers of all times. At least that is what is said over here :)

Diane said...

Hope your wearing the scarf I knit ya!

Anonymous said...

Yes, smile. I forgot that one. Thanks! Yes I am getting excited and yes it is freezing here in Kansas and Nebraska. Is Germany colder during this time of year? I sure hope not!